International Federation
of Gestalt Training Organizations

(Fédération Internationale des
Organismes de Formation à la Gestalt)

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Key topics

Here are some of the main topics discussed till now at the different colloquiums:

  • Presentation and training programs of each Institute (theory and practice)
  • Admission criteria: pre-requisite, selection (academic education, personal therapy, professional experience…)
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Theoretical training: programs, links with universities, choice of professors…
  • Practical training, experiential and therapeutic sessions,…
  • Separation between therapy, training and supervision (ethical problems)
  • Ethics and deontology, personal involvement of the trainers, place of couples (pairs)
  • Training program for supervisors
  • Organization of international workshops
  • Permanent assessment and final assessment; thesis, jury…
  • Detailed criteria for accreditation of a Training Institute
  • Follow-up, after the diploma
  • Advanced training; research; publications
  • Sharing around some researches: dreams, trans-sexuality, psychopathology, neuroscience
  • National professional Associations and web site of FORGE
  • The responsibility of Gestalt therapists in the society
  • International Glossary of technical terms
  • Gestalt Psychopathology
  • Existentialism and Gestalt Therapy.
  • Neurosciences: brain, genetics and Gestalt

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