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    Minutes from the FORGE meeting   in Gallipoli, Italy, May 29, 30,31

Report of FORGE meeting in Gallipoli, Italy2017, May 29, 30,31

From May 29 till May 31, 2017 in Gallipoli, Italy had been held FORGE meeting in Anna Ravena`s hospitable house. Basically and practically the only theme of FORGE meeting was: Is there any future for the FORGE and which is it. During 3 days we were discussing issues of FORGE history, actual situation in FORGE, membership in FORGE and steps of further FORGE development.

I would like to represent a brief, consistent description of presentations and issues discussed during FORGE meeting in Gallipoly, as well as decisions taken on it.

Anna Ravena was telling about our colleagues in Venezuela, about their difficult political and economic situation by reason of what they could not come to FORGE meeting in Italy. Also Anna Ravena explained the reason why at meeting did not participate Nifont Dolgopolov and Paolo Baiocchi.

Arthur had made a report of FORGE financial situation. At the moment FORGE has no cash or debt. Arthur has made an offer to talk about FORGE future during the meeting.
Sandra Solomao supported the need to talk about FORGE present.
 Anna Ravena underlined the importance of FORGE and EAGT relationship, Also Anna Ravena noticed the situation of not transparency of processes in EAGT.
Alex Lommatzsch spoke about the importance of FORGE meetings that took place in St. Petersburg and in Riga. In addition, the fact that for him FORGE meetings are very important.
Dima Ovechkin had supported the essence of the discussion about the future of FORGE, and expressed his pessimism about the prospects of FORGE.
Jelena Ivanova  spoke about the importance for her of this meeting.
Natasha Lebedeva supported the importance of the discussion on the future development of FORGE,  she supported the idea to devote a FORGE meeting to this issue.
There were discussed the issue of FORGE abbreviation. Anna Ravena had explained how it was historically formed.

This abbreviation:
F –federation
OR – organization
G- gestalt

 Also   were discussed issue of FORGE members for today:
*9 active members
*6 members about whom we don`t know at the moment
*3 new members
Total amount of members – 18
 Members are understood as training institutes. Also there are two honorary members seniors, they are individual members (Brigitte MARTEL, Gonzague Masquelier). So totaly the amount of FORGE members – 20.

At FORGE meeting

- we spoke a lot about how to organize our meetings and the opportunities of open them to people in order to make Forge more present as organization in the scientific community and in our countries. I never said I was not interested in the future or past of Forge, but I simply proposed a new way and a new meaning for our meetings, in the perspective of Forge survival, that it was not not so certain at the beginning of the meeting. The idea I proposed is to have open workshops conducted by Forge members and during the discussion someone else proposed in alternative to make supervisions and sessions to publish as videoclips on youtube and social networks. This could be up to the event organizer everytime.

- we spoke about the style of our gestalt meeting and how to preserve a "romantic" idea of sharing, discussing and promoting the gestalt approaches we have, and the new members we could have in, like the Oaxaca Gestalt Institute of Pilar Ocampo, the Gestalt Centre in Rio by Sandra Salomao and the Istituto Gestalt Puglia of Alex and Caterina, agreed and joined this spirit properly sharing also the organization of the meeting as explained in the previous point.

- we spoke about the opportunity to organize better the international structure of Forge changing the statue and translating it in English in accordance with international laws (NOT ONLY FRANCE LOW), avoiding to transform it in the copy of EAGT, but trying to make it a real transcultural field for sharing Gestalt practises and philosophy. The Board could work on it and propose the changes to the next meeting.

- we spoke, as introduced by Anna, about an important topic that was about new families, new couples and new kind of relationships. And how these new issues are managed in our different countries, cultures and professional approaches in therapy too.

At FORGE meeting there were introduced FORGE Statutes dated in 1991. At FORGE meeting were decided to translate Statutes from French to English and in the nearest future to make decision about changing actual Statutes.
 In addition, a proposal was made to hold FORGE meetings alternating the formats of the meeting to ensembles.
It was also decided to pay membership fees on the participation of 100 euros from the Gestalt institute who participates at the meeting and 50 euros from the honorary member (about the second not sure).

A decision was taken on the possibility of being an individual member of FORGE after the Institute's exit from FORGE, if the representative of the institute was one of the founders or management of the institute. It was also decided that each Gestalt institute could attract up to 3 individual visitors to the FORGE meeting.
At the meeting it was decided to develop FORGE's external activity, namely, it is necessary to create page on Facebook. And also it is promising to publish books or collections of articles with FORGE support. It is necessary to use modern information technology; in honesty, it is necessary to create a channel on YouTube.
Was discussed  the question of the possibility of visiting the FOGE meeting by   students of gestalt institutes.

 It was decides to make next FORGE meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil in “GgT Centro de Gestalt-Terapie’ in May 25-27, 2018.

It was decided at the next meeting to discuss the following issues:
1.Make changes at the FORGE Statutes
2. Discussion of FORGE conferences
3.The possibility of conducting supervisory sessions at FORGE
Arthur Dombrovsky
Forge president

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